Tensar® Basetex® 土工布

20 Years of Project Applications
1200 kN/m Maximum available QC Strength 
120 Years Design Life
  • High-strength Polyester geotextile for reinforcement applications
  • Available in QC strengths up to 1200kn/m
  • Durable – suitable for design life of up to 120 years
  • Proven for use in embankment foundations
  • Multiple projects across the globe.

In cases where embankments must be constructed over soft soils, or where ground  may contain subterranean voids which are prone to subsidence, there may be a requirement for high-strength geosynthetic reinforcement. Tensar’s Basetex range of high-strength geotextiles is designed to offer the strength necessary to provide stability. 

Product Range

Manufactured using a weft-insertion process, the Basetex range possesses quality-control strength up to 1200kN/m (longitudinal direction) and 50kN/m or 100kN/m (transverse direction). The load-bearing yarns are 100% high-tenacity polyester and provide excellent creep performance and high tensile modulus. 

Designed for High-Strength Reinforcement 

Made using a weft-insertion knitted process, the characteristic properties of Tensar Basetex enable the yarns to remain linear, so that they are able to reach their full tensile strength without the initial elongation associated with woven yarns. Polyester has excellent creep performance and high tensile modulus, and the high molecular weight of the polyester yarn ensures that the products are highly resistant to environmental damage within the range of normal pH and temperatures encountered in soils. 

Embankment Stability 

When correctly installed, Tensar Basetex can improve an embankment’s stability against deep seated failure planes and can thus be used to reduce or avoid staged construction, ensuring the project remains on time and within budget.  

Load Transfer Platforms over Piled Foundations 

When any significant settlement cannot be allowed within a project, the embankment may need to be piled, in which case Tensar Basetex can be used to form a Tensioned Membrane Load Transfer Platform. This will ensure that embankment loads are transmitted into the pile heads. This can be less costly and quicker than constructing a reinforced concrete raft.  

Void Spanning 

In areas of mineworking or other areas where there is a potential for voids below the surfaces, Tensar Basetex can offer an early, safe warning of void development or even a permanent solution.